Surgical Face mask (Coronavirus)


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Surgical Face mask (Coronavirus), the Ear Loop Face Masks contain a box of 50 masks, offering you the right amount of protection from germs and bacteria and coronavirus spreading. Sits comfortably around the ear. 3 ply construction;Fiberglass Free; Aluminum nose guard.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began in China last year, face masks have gone from something you see on your dental hygienist to a sold-out commodity in high demand. Despite warnings from high-ranking health officials that the masks could do more harm than good when worn by healthy people. But certain masks are appropriate for certain people to wear as the novel this virus spreads.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who are sick with COVID-19 and around other people, home caregivers of patients who cannot wear a mask, and healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients can all benefit from masks, which may help prevent novel coronavirus droplets from spreading.

Surgical Face mask (Coronavirus)Buy surgical mask 

Minimum Order Quantity is 3 boxes: $210
Thus the price of $210 is for 3 boxes of 50 pieces each, making a total of 150 pieces

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